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Demonstrating a professional and contemporary approach to financial and corporate reporting, Smart Media The Annual Report Company helps organisations report and communicate most effectively by making the best use of any medium - traditional print, web, mobile, video and audio.

Focused exclusively on annual reports, we provide cutting edge thinking on integrated reporting and sustainability, and help you to present all statutory and supplementary disclosures in an innovative, lucid and compelling story that meets your business objectives, while also being an interesting read.

As a certified carbon neutral company, we offer to make the production of your annual report also carbon neutral through offsets. Going further, we encourage and assist clients to measure and report their own environmental footprint, which often results in measures that promote more efficient use of resources as well as cost savings.

Our latest contribution to the profession and industry recognition

About Smart Media The Annual Report Company


From its beginnings in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1994, Smart Media The Annual Report Company has championed a strategic, communications-based approach to financial and corporate reporting.

As the practice of supplementary 'beyond the numbers' disclosures grew in popularity with firms around the world, a variety of competing 'standard reporting formats' gained traction. In our opinion, none of these formats offered a one-size-fits-all solution.

Instead, Smart Media, by now the leader in its home market, chose to develop a reporting approach based on the use of the most appropriate reporting format for a given client and/or strategic situation. We begin every commission with a clean slate and an open mind.

Over the years, we have used this approach to help clients in South Asia, South East Asia and the Middle East produce harder-working, more strategically effective annual reports and other corporate communications material.

Our Philosophy

Traditionally, private and public firms alike favoured a 'need-to-know' approach to financial and corporate reporting. Few went beyond the boundaries of statutory disclosure. Then, in the 1980s, firms began to see statutory reports as a medium for communicating corporate and even marketing messages. Company annual reports began to resemble product brochures and sales catalogues.

Over the next two decades, statutory and regulatory authorities drove a trend towards enhanced reporting on corporate governance, regulatory compliance and risk management. Organisations discovered that a more open approach to reporting was good for public and stakeholder relations. Thus began the era of triple-bottom-line reporting, with firms reporting their impacts on society and the environment as well as their operational and financial performance.

Today, firms face a bewildering variety of regulatory requirements and disclosure options. Most cope with the confusion by adopting an ad hoc approach and relying on the magic of imaginative graphic design to make their reports stand out. Design and print production houses tend to encourage this, since it plays to their greatest strength: visualisation.

To us, however, this buffet of disclosure options and reporting formats represents an opportunity for firms to customise their annual and other reports to be media of strategic communications. By selecting the right disclosure options and formats, we make your reports work harder, communicating exactly what you want to say to shareholders and other stakeholders. This is not simply about image, but about communications in support of business objectives and goals.

We acknowledge the central importance of design, but always in the service of good communications. We believe in corporate reporting that means business.

To see how we realise this philosophy on behalf of our clients, take a look at some case studies.

What We Offer

Custom Development and Design

Although there's no need to keep reinventing the wheel, we see a difference when it comes to annual reports.

Annual report design and development must respect the boundaries set by statute and regulation. This still leaves considerable freedom in a firm's choice of what to disclose and why, what reporting format to follow and how to present the selected information most effectively and compellingly.

Before we help our clients make these decisions, we ask many questions. What are the firm's strategic objectives? What considerations arise from operations and performance over the reporting period? What were the most important of the year's developments and how best to present them? What were the effects of pertinent economic, social and environmental factors?

From the answers, we use tried and tested methodologies to work out how best we can tailor your report to help meet the agreed communications objectives - such as choosing the most appropriate reporting format and design approach, or considerations of style, tone and presentation and so on. Everything must serve the communications objectives, everything must work in synergy - yet we must never be boring. The report should be a pleasure to look at, to hold, and to read.

There are no off-the-peg solutions at Smart Media The Annual Report Company. Having produced over 1,500 annual reports for our clients, we still start afresh every time.

Technical Expertise in Reporting

Quite apart from the writing, design and print management skills that any good design house should be able to offer, Smart Media The Annual Report Company also offers advice and expertise on the technical side of reporting itself. This includes:

  • Advice on what reporting guidelines or formats to adopt and adapt
  • Consultant support in developing systems and procedures to capture the necessary data
  • Advice on presenting corporate governance and risk management rules, procedures and data
  • Support for integrating the 'sustainability' side of the story with financial reporting to present a concise and coherent communication about how the organisation creates value.

Proficiency in New and Traditional Media

We employ a design and production approach that integrates with ease a suite of media options that capture the most effective way of communicating your message. The options include:

  • Traditional print-based media
  • Web-based media
  • Video
  • Mobile media

Expressions in different media are developed concurrently, with the same commitment. There are no 'favoured' media or 'poor relations', as each chosen medium will seamlessly complement one another with a very focused overarching business objective.

Full Range of Design and Production Skills

Smart Media The Annual Report Company is equipped with the full range of design and production skills you would expect, from strategic consultancy and project management through conceptualisation, report writing, editing and proof-reading, graphic design and art direction, print and production co-ordination, and multimedia production support. We also have excellent relations with creative-input suppliers such as photographers as well as with production facilities and printers in the region.

Case Studies

It has been our good fortune that many of our clients share our passion, and approach the production of their annual reports in a spirit of daring and innovation. Featured below are some recent annual reports that reflect this spirit.

Industry Recognition

Producing Award-Winning Work for Our Clients

Reports produced by Smart Media The Annual Report Company have been honoured with a number of international awards. Some examples:

297 Awards to date including 20 “Oscars” (Grand Awards) and 90 Gold Awards.

Platinum Achievement Award 2010, 2012 and 2013 - the pinnacle of ARC Awards for the agency that wins the most number of awards for clients in a given year.

The ARC Awards were established by MerComm Inc., USA in 1987 to honour overall excellence in annual reports, as well as to encourage vital writing and imaginative, original design. Submissions are judged by a panel of top-level investor relations executives, financial executives, writers, designers and photographers from over 90 different agencies and corporations around the world.

3 Red Dot Awards to date for excellence in corporate communication design.

The Red Dots are international product and communication design prizes awarded annually by the world-renowned Nordrhein Design Centre in Westphalia, Germany. Red Dot Awards have been presented since 1955 for achievements in a number of categories in the fields of corporate design, advertising, interactive media and sound design.

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