The future is fast-evolving and cannot be pinned down. So how does Sri Lanka’s leading private-sector bank make the most of new opportunities for stakeholders? In its 2017 annual report the Bank describes how it is more than ready. In fact, you could say that it is banking on the future.

With digital technology developing at a breakneck pace the Bank understands the importance of developing and implementing a strategy that is fit for the future. This Integrated Report divulges as much information as possible about the Bank’s strategy in order to provide stakeholders, particularly investors, with a clear understanding of its future potential. The story centres on the five strategic imperatives that drove business in 2017: prudent growth, customer centricity, digital leadership, operational excellence, and risk management. It highlights the many ways in which the Bank has geared itself to be future-ready, including its continued expansion in terms of network both within Sri Lanka and overseas – with operations in Bangladesh, Italy, Myanmar and the Maldives.

The motif on the cover stands out starkly against a jet black background; its dynamism signifying that the Bank is not an immobile establishment but one that is agile and nimble enough to adapt to the changing needs of its stakeholders. Simplicity is a theme that runs throughout the report with its futuristic, minimalist style ensuring that the salient facts stand out clearly. The report caters to the "three-minute reader" as well as the specialist who combs through the report from cover to cover. It is available as a printed book and an online report. A soft copy (PDF) version of the report is also available in CD format for those who would like to maintain an easily-portable digital version.