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Taking your annual reporting skills to the next level means combining the experience you have already gained with the skills and knowledge necessary to be an expert annual report preparer.

To demonstrate to customers how integrated your company is, an integrated annual report may be your next goal. We take you beyond the production of an integrated annual report, helping you to choose and master the best medium and format for each stakeholder group.

Combining research, learning, and practice, we build capacity in potential report preparers through a rigorous and time-tested curriculum that combines workshops and apprenticeships.

Unveiling the hidden value of your company's business requires expertise in producing an integrated annual report.

Citizens Development Business Finance PLC (CDB) has grown remarkably since its humble beginnings in 1995. Today, the organisation is ranked among the top five Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFIs) in Sri Lanka. The cover and inner cover of CDB’s Annual Report 2020/21 cleverly captures two significant aspects of the NBFI – the financial solutions it provides for multiple ‘generations’ of Sri Lankans and the value it ‘generates’ for its numerous stakeholders.

This is CDB’s eighth Integrated Annual Report – the organisation’s reporting journey has been as progressive as the company’s operations. The Integrated Report presents the company’s strategy for the next nine years and also provides detailed insights into how CDB continues to interact with its stakeholders and value drivers.

CDB’s Integrated Report 20/21 is available as an end-to-end interactive online HTML version which includes additional reference material, features for ease of finding, extracting, and sharing information.

The focus of this annual review is ‘respect’ which is preserved between the parents, the teachers, and the students of Gateway College. The review illustrates the importance of shifting from traditional perceptions of education to create an environment in which a holistic education is achieved. The review moves beyond simply recognising academic excellence to demonstrate the diverse skills possessed by its teachers and students - the natural photographs dispersed throughout the report give it a wonderful human touch.

The theme of Gateway College’s Annual Review 2020 “Brave the present. Rise to the future” is particularly apt as education shifted drastically due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The messages from the educationists at the helm also address the importance of being hopeful and resilient in times of adversity. Moreover, the Annual Review captures the measures taken to adopt futuristic teaching methods while ensuring the wellbeing of staff and students.

The photographs used throughout the Annual Review capture instances of socially distanced teaching and learning.

What does integrated thinking mean? Watch our light-hearted take.

Learn how to produce a more advanced annual report by partnering with us. We are an IIRC Training Partner and our Mission is to make the making and the reading of annual reports a joy – because we understand the Annual Report Irony all too well.