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Steering your annual report towards integrated reporting is another one of those paradigm shifts that most annual report preparers are hesitant to take. If you are concerned that your company isn’t practising integrated thinking at the moment – take heart. (Integrated thinking has even been known to follow integrated reporting on occasion.)

While, research, learning, and practice are vital to ensure that your annual report keeps going from strength to strength, keep in mind that integrated reporting is a journey, rather than a destination, so taking that leap of faith is an important first step. (Watch our light-hearted take on one aspect of integrated thinking.)

Just leap-frog over every hurdle on your journey towards integrated reporting.

Singer Sri Lanka reports a ‘pitch perfect’ performance in its Integrated Annual Report 2020/21. Although the economic climate was unpredictable due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the group steered ahead gaining momentum throughout the year. The Integrated Report captures the highs and lows that the group faced and communicates the tactical measures adopted to ensure sustainable growth in the long-term.

The Integrated Annual Report also provides a detailed account of matters of material importance to the group, the capitals under which they are categorised, and the impact they had on the group’s stakeholders.

Singer’s Integrated Annual Report 2020/21 is a forward-looking publication. Measures taken to enhance the brand and ways of converting digitalisation and the resultant insights from big data into opportunity are a few areas discussed in substantial detail.

In its fifth integrated annual report, People’s Bank is positioned as the frontier Bank in Sri Lanka to bring the benefits of digitalisation to the entire nation. Leveraging its rich legacy, the Bank has evolved and transformed into a technologically advanced and innovative solutions provider, garnering both national and international acclaim. “Frontier …” the annual report 2019 reinstates that the Bank remains ahead of changing times, forging new frontiers in pursuit of sustainable value creation.

The sixth Integrated Annual Report of People’s Bank draws on the role it plays in elevating the aspirations of every Sri Lankan. The theme of the report, “Pride of the Nation” signals the bank’s legacy of putting the nation first, uplifting the economy, and empowering the people of Sri Lanka.

The content and the structure of the report follow the guiding principles of integrated reporting. Among the key content elements of the report are the manner and magnitude of financial support extended to the nation and its people following the Covid-19 pandemic, how the bank is adapting to new ways of working, and the bank’s plans for the future. The business model is also a highlight; it clearly illustrates the value creation process of the bank and its ability to forge a sustainable future for its stakeholders.

In this, Access Engineering PLC’s eighth Integrated Annual Report, readers are given a comprehensive overview of the group, the engineering feats completed during the year, those that are still underway, and the manner in which the group made value ‘accessible’ to its multiple stakeholders.

The group’s Integrated Annual Report discusses strategy in significant detail. Strategy is discussed in light of relevant aspects of the operating environment that impacted operations, the group’s SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats), its stakeholder engagement process, and matters of material importance. By doing so, the Annual Report provides a holistic understanding of the group’s strategy.

The Saudi Investment Bank’s (SAIB) first integrated report was published in 2017 and was notably the first integrated report in the Banking and Financial Services Sector in the Middle East. It was also the first integrated report published in Arabic in its sector globally.

Start your integrated annual report journey today or partner with us to take the leap. Our Mission is to make the making and the reading of annual reports a joy – because we understand the Annual Report Irony all too well.