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Smart AcademyTM

Capacity building that empowers report preparers

Your Integrated Reporting Training Partner

The Smart AcademyTM was formed to help bridge the gap between reality and the ideal. It was our solution to the problem of how to drive the annual report sector further along on its journey towards an ideal destination. Keep in mind that we were then in a world where annual report preparers were still very much employees drawn together in an ad hoc manner to “get that annual report done”.

To improve the sector, we aim to turn a company’s in-house talent into annual report specialists. Our training covers the creative and technical skills needed to produce an annual report. For example, as far back as 2000, Smart Media partnered with a client to highlight the role of customers and relationships with them in the value creation process. Going further, in 2011, stakeholders were identified as forms of off-balance sheet capitals in Asia’s first integrated report using what became our own Smart Integrated Reporting MethodologyTM. Later we followed the IIRC’s <IR> Framework, while also helping report preparers to understand and calculate their own carbon footprint as early as 2008.

At the Smart AcademyTM, we focus on developing individuals as much as corporates. We do so through a combination of workshops and on-the-job teaching, with experienced and skilled experts at the helm of our curricula. Smart Media is an <IR> Training Foundation Partner.

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After encouraging an annual report preparer to voluntarily publish their carbon footprint in their annual report in 2008, we began providing consultancy assistance including training, development of data entry forms and computation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in accordance with the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard.

By way of setting an example, we also commenced producing carbon neutral annual reports in 2009, and partnered with to neutralise emissions by supporting global reforestation projects. We became completely carbon neutral under Scopes 1 and 2 as well as selected sources under Scope 3 of the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard in 2012.

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